ASMR // Lollipop licking + wet mouth sounds

Today we have some lollipop (ring pop) licking and sucking sounds.

I totally filmed this with a lollipop and my camera malfunctioned at one point and died at another point. RIP! So, I had to re-do it with the Ring Pop I had on hand. I might release some of the clips to the lollipop one if y'all like this! The sounds are a little different in that video. BUUUUT, it won't be one take like this since I will have to splice clips together and I know that bugs some people. :-/

As always, I love your feedback so let me know what you think in the comments. I am sending you all the positive energy and calm vibes right now. ZZZ.

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--To help you navigate parts of the video:
--There’s wet mouth sounds throughout so I am just noting the highlights of things that aren’t that.
2:16 - starts eating ring pop
3:42 - popping ring pop + face touching
6:23 - windy sounding sucks (lol, idk how to describe this sound)
6:57 - fun fact about my tongue
7:48 - face poking / touching
9:41 - more windy sucking sounds
10:14 - super up close mouth sounds
13:58 - progress!
14:45 - hand movements
16:52 - hand movements
18:20 - crunching
18:50 - mouth sounds
20:05 - finger sucking
20:28 - finger flutters + relaxing repeat + face touching
21:14 - kisses


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