What Your Eyebrow Shape Can Say About Your Personality

What Your Eyebrow Shape Can Say About Your Character. If the eyes are the window to your soul, then your eyebrows are that window frames. In addition, their shape can tell a lot about your character. Let’s test this physiognomic theory on yourself right now! And don’t forget to share the video with a friend who also wants to know themselves better.

Ordinary eyebrows 0:31
Extra-long eyebrows 0:54
Short eyebrows 1:51
Thick eyebrows 1:48
Thin eyebrows 2:21
High-arched eyebrows 2:38
Low-arched eyebrows 3:11
Triangular eyebrows 3:32
Rounded eyebrows 4:03
Almost straight eyebrows 4:20
"Diagonal" eyebrows 4:45
Barely visible eyebrows 5:09

- Eyebrows of medium width and distance from each other imply a commitment to traditional values and integrity of character.
- If you have long eyebrows, it means you can withstand any stress. Also, you are a very sociable person.
- If you have short eyebrows, you are highly attentive to details. You also know how to stand your ground.
- People with thick eyebrows have total confidence in your inner strengths and outward attractiveness. People like you can easily cope with conflicts.
- Very thin eyebrows speak of innate delicacy. Conflicts are not on your list of high priorities, and you manage to skillfully avoid them.
- If you have high-arched brows, you are likely to be sensitive and selective in communication. On first meeting you, people often get a false impression, finding you self-centered and arrogant.
- A person with low-arched eyebrows is sure to be the kind of person you can trust in any situation. Such people usually possess an engaging personality and can build serious, long-lasting relationships.
- The sharp, angular shape of your eyebrows implies a dynamic personality. You have a knack for quickly analyzing situations and making lightning-fast decisions.
- Rounded eyebrows are an indisputable sign of kindness and attentiveness. You’re never indifferent to others’ problems, and you are always ready to help those in need.
- Eyebrows without pronounced curves imply an analytical mindset and inclination to rational thinking. "Measure twice, cut once" is the saying that best describes your outlook on life.
- The steeper the angle of inclination, the stronger the emotions and passions that seethe inside your soul. You make a lasting impression on everyone you meet.
- A particularly rare occurrence: light-colored sparse eyebrows, the shape of which can’t be easily defined. This is a sure sign of insecurity. You tend to doubt your own character and abilities, which, in turn, breeds timidity and shyness.

Would you agree with our observations? Share your thoughts in the comments down below!

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