Nepal Aama - New Nepali National Song 2019 || Pradip Pandey || Oshan Bastola

Nepal Aama - New Nepali National Song 2019|| Pradip Pandey || Oshan Bastola

➦ Pradip Pandey's Song For Nation
♪ Song: Nepal Aama.."नेपाल आमा"
♪ Singer: Pradip Pandey
♪ Lyrics/Compose: Pradip Pandey
♪ Arrange: B.B. Anuragi
► Direction And Concept: Oshan Bastola
► Studio: Prism Studio, Kathmandu
► Audio Mix: Shyam Swet Rasaily
► Edit: Yuvraj Khatri
► Artists: Pradip Pandey/Oshan Bastola
► Video Management: Oshan Bastola

➦ Special Thanks:
➧ My Mother (Dilakumari Pandey) And Late. Father Bhabishwor Pandey
➧ Sadhana Neupane
➧ Ramesh Silwal(Ceo- Goldegate Inernational College)
➧ Oshan Bastola (Brother)

➦ Thanks:
➧ Millennium Higher Secondary School, Sukedhara Kathmandu
➧ Arjun Pandey(Alamdevi Traders,Kalika Nagar Butwal)
➧ Shovakhar Bhandari ( Alamdevi Traders,Kalika Nagar Butwal)
➧ Tulsi Ram Neupane
➧ Bhawana Bhatta(Neupane)
➧ Bhagirath Neupane
➧ Sm College Family( Students And Teachers )
➧ Sheelu Shrestha(Janata Television)
➧ Prabhakar Neupane
➧ Sonam Lama (Republica News)
➧ Indira Arayal (Radio Lumbini)
➧ Asmina Pandey(Poudel) ( Radio Mukti, Butwal)
➧ Santosh Adhikari( Australia)
➧ Rajendra Pandey
➧ Gunakhar Neupane
➧ Bhimraj Pandey

➦ Always In My Minds:
➧ Shree Bhawani Higher Secondary School, Syangja(Teacher And My Friends)
➧ Millennium Higher Secondary School, Palpa( My Teachers And Friends)
➧ Amrit Science Campus, Lainchaur Kathmandu( Teachers And My Friends)
➧ Central Department Of Physics, Kritipur( Teachers And Friends)
➧ Goldegate International College, Kathmandu( Teachers And My Firiends)
➧ Marigold English School, Balkot( My Students)
➧ Snow Apex Academy( My Students)

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