China Ko rail | Ft : Kristal Klaws,Indira Joshi, Sandeep Chettri|Santosh Lama |

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Anil KC Presents,

New Nepali Song China Ko rail | Santosh Lama | Ft : Indira Joshi, Sandeep Chettri, Kristal Klaws,

Song : China Ko Rail
Singer : Santosh Lama
Lyrics : Krishna KC
Music : Hari Lamsal
Arranger : Uday Raj Poudel
Mixing : Chandra Chaudhary / Prakash Mishra

Ft: Sandeep Chettri , Kristal Klaws, Indira Joshi, Muskan Rani,Santosh Lama
editor/color : Sandesh Jung Rana
Cinematographer : Susan Prajapati
Choreographer : Kristal Klaws
Direction : Sandeep Chettri , Sandesh Jung Rana

special thanks
Bijay Gurung
Ashish Puri
Teachu Gurung
Suraj Thapa
Bibek Thakuri
The Muglang Resturant
Pokhara Disneyland

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