Calling All The Monsters | Multi-Fandom | [ MEP# 84 ]

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It was a dance till the morning type of party damn.

Okay but on a real note the reason this took awhile to come up was because I apparently left a MB on one layer before I left and it was too late to do anything else bc vegas + my computer was on a brink of collapsing everything while rendering this whole MONSTER of a render file. I just accepted my fate.
Regardless, this came out so good im proud of everyone.

We need a BIG toast to all my replacements this Halloween honestly, the only reason ive come after the whole thing still sane so big one to twentyonepianonotes, RandomlySimple, Glowen, Marsenthusiast, MissAirbender, Watchmerising AND tangerline.
O1 moonzies | FMA:B | Homunculus
O2 twentyonepianonotes | Miraculous Ladybug | Chat Noir
O3 RightxLifestyle | Grim Tales | Minnie
O4 Daoko | Soul Eater | Stein
O5 xheartgomez | Witch's House | Ellen
O6 Asu Chan | Hellish | Evie
O7 acecream | Danganronpa | Mikan
O8 RandomlySimple | Overwatch | Sombra
O9 XElectrica | Gravity Falls | Bill Cipher
1O Robin Chirps | Marvel | Venom
11 SweetBerries | Monster High | Frankie Stein
12 purpleshyguy | Overwatch | Cultist Zen
13 Glowen | Undertale | Mix
14 Marsenthusiast
15 CyanVerses | Homestuck | Grimbark Jade
16A MissAirbender | Danny Phantom
16B XElectrica | Venom
17 Suika | Overwatch | Mercy
18 Mad Valentine | Kingdom Hearts | Sora
19 purpleishCipher | Undertale | Chara
2O DaddyKanan | Undertale | Undyne
21 Watchmerising | Black Butler | Sebastian Michalis
22 Ceddlet | Fallout 4 | Hancock
23 HyliaHope | Undertale | Sans
24A XElectrica | Soul Eater | Blair
24B Tangerline | Darkstalker | Morrigan Aesnland
25 tanglerine | Mario | Bowsette
26 Potato Chan | Shrek
Song: Calling All The Monsters - China Anne McClain (2011)
Programs used: Sony Vegas & After Effects

This project was NOT done by one person, it's with multiple editors than just one, hence an MEP.(Multi-Editor Project)

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