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If one is looking for a simple yet sumptuous home-cooked meal, Marybai’s in Valencia, Mangalore is the place to visit!

Located in a small home, this eatery has been making its patrons happy with authentic Mangalore Christian cuisine since 1984, when Marybai, the founder set up the restaurant.

Dishes that have been coined to be delicacies at Marybai’s are its meat preparations such as pork chilli, chicken pepper, beef bafat and pork bafat. These dishes are meant to be eaten with a humble thali to enjoy a complete experience here.

Food Lovers’ Editor, Kripal Amanna, digs into this delicious spread together with some local, tasty fish fries!

ADDRESS - Marybai’s, 17-7-412, Silva Cross Road, Valencia, Kankanady, Mangalore 575 002; tel +91 99457 36146


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