Headscissor to Finn the human! - Read description

*Sorry for the angle being so bad, tested it like 10 times and messed up the final video u.u*

In this video I wanted to show you that the real pressure of the headscissor cannot be seen by who is watching the video and only can be felt by who is applying it or who is suffering it.

I start just crossing my ankles 0% squeeze and it already looks quite strong
The next thing I do is flexing my quads/hamstrings, that makes the scissor look more impressive from the outside but the victim wouldn't notive that much of a difference maybe 20% pressure increase
But when I relocate his head I start using my adductors and glutes. You can't see my adductor squeeze but you can see my glute squeeze. Adductors might cause like 500% pressure increase or even more and glutes another 100% leading to something like 5000% or 50 times more pressure that what "looked" strong

Victims for my videos will obviously talk about the difference in feeling when I use one or other muscles to show you what I mean.

If you want to be my victim you can apply at my instagram @spanisheadscissors or e-mail me at [email protected] with as much information as possible. *I only accept victims that are or are coming to Spain*

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