Soviet Storm: World War II — In The East. ep.15. Secret Intelligence of the Red Army. StarMedia

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Secret Intelligence of the Red Army
Stalin's Soviet state was obsessed with secrecy, espionage and surveillance, and its security forces were highly competent in all the skills of the trade. But despite establishing networks of agents across Europe and the Far East in the 1930s, the Soviet Union was still caught off-guard by Hitler's invasion in 1941. Thereafter, the GRU (army intelligence) and NKVD (KGB forerunner) went on to score a string of amazing intelligence coups in Tokyo, Washington, and even from the heart of Berlin. They would help to establish the mythology of Soviet espionage that became so familiar in the west during the Cold War.

Type: historical reenactment
Genre: docudrama
Year of production: 2011
Number of episodes: 18
Directed by: Anna Grazhdan
Written by: Artem Drabkin, Aleksey Isaev
Production designer: Valeriy Babich
Music by: Boris Kukoba
Producers: Valeriy Babich, Vlad Ryashin, Sergey Titinkov, Konstantin Ernst

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