Top 10 Strangest Creatures EVER Caught On Camera

On earth there are strange, enigmatic creatures and species that often leave scientists baffled. Here are the Top 10 Strangest Creatures Caught On Camera!
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Be Amazed at these Top 10 Strangest Creatures Caught On Camera! Tubifex Worms - Worms are nasty-looking, slimy creatures. Just the sight of them moving around will make anyone feel uneasy. Tubifex worms are no different; in fact, they may be worse. Creatonotos Gangis Moth - If you don't have a fear of hairy bugs, then you'll start having one now. Earlier this year, a viral video surfaced on Facebook showing a moth-like creature with huge hairy appendages protruding from its back. Here is the video. Deepstaria Enigmatica - The deep sea holds many bizarre creatures that are yet to be discovered. Back in 2012, a strange balloon-like creature was caught on tape in deep waters. Triops - Back in 2008, a strange marine creature was found in a small town in Russia. This was accompanied with a video titled "Prehistoric Horror" that quickly went viral within days. Basket Star - Here is yet another deep sea creature that will surely make you squirm. In 2014, a Singaporean angler caught an underwater creature which he said was "moving like an alien".

Ampulex Dementor - Wasps are terrifying. This wasp, however, takes the word "terrifying" to the next level — meet the Ampulex Dementor. Homaemus Proteus Nymphs - Very rarely will you find cute bugs, as most of them come equipped with stingers, hairy appendages, and many other disgusting bug features. Fangtooth Snake Eel - Hurricane Harvey was a devastating hurricane that wrought destruction in the United States. Ribbon Worm - Yet another strange worm squirms its way into this video. Back in May 2015, the Internet were all over a strange worm that expels this gooey, white substance out of its mouth. Giant Stingray - Stingrays are often feared, especially when Steve Irwin, the famed crocodile hunter, died when he encountered one. But this viral video back in 2013 proves that friendship can blossom between a boy and a giant stingray.

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