- Download link You can choose to download 1080p version or 4k!

- Folders size 4k - 22.7gb / 1080p - 17.4gb

- Submit your video here



- You need to upload video to YouTube and make video Public or Unlisted

- This has to be in intro ''FOOTAGE BY CROWNED / EDITED BY ... '' Example

- My channel link in description

- Only copyright free music! You can check for songs here

- You are also allowed to use any music from Monstercat

- Video minimal length 2:00

- Video has to be in proper 21:9! These are resolutions what you can use - 4096x1714 / 3440x1440 / 1920x804

- All clips are recorded in 5k 60fps 130mbps bitrate, for maximum quality please render videos at 4096x1714 resolution and 130mbps bitrate!

- Please don't use sharpening!

- If you still have any questions or just wanna talk with other creators join my discord server and go to #creator_contest /

- Please don't delete your project, if I gonna upload video in my channel I may ask you to change few things in your video!


- I will pick one winner, who will get a prize from Elgato Gaming HD60 + stickers from me!

- I will upload winners video to my channel, to give a shoutout to him! / Possibly also other good edits /

- You will have to send me a picture with Elgato and your video in the background! Otherwise, your video will be removed from my channel. Example

YouTube Images

All images from the biggest to the smallest
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