The Untold Truth Of Wonder Woman's Costume

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Casual fans of Wonder Woman may have been intrigued or confused by the armored outfit the hero wears in her solo movie. After all, it's a pretty far cry from the classic look Lynda Carter sported back in the '70s. But comic book fans know that Wonder Woman's costume has been in constant flux for the past 75 years. Why? Here's a look at the untold truth of Wonder Woman's costume...

The original costume | 0:20
A sanitized post-war version | 1:00
No costume, just fashion | 1:28
A new logo | 2:06
A different Diana | 2:40
Going full '90s | 3:19
Hippolyta's sword | 3:49
Donna's armor | 4:16
Diana's pants | 4:38
Armored in silver | 5:06
The movie look | 5:37

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