New Linda Moulton Howe - Alien Archaeology Beneath the Thick Antarctica Ice

Linda Moulton Howe will unfold the timeline Antarctica to show how this mysterious continent went from a past of being warm and tropical for over 70 million years to the frozen wasteland of today. Over 80 million years ago when dinosaurs ruled Earth, what we know today as Antarctica began shifting away from Australia, which had separated from Africa 87 million years earlier in the big Gondwanaland break up.

Then an abrupt change took place about 33 million years ago, encasing Antarctica with untold depths of ice and snow. Since then, most of Antarctica has been covered with vast layers of ice ranging from 1 to 3 miles deep. And yet, military whistleblowers tell Linda they have been on missions to investigate vast acres of ancient, alien archaeology beneath the thick Antarctic ice. Are the structures older than 33 million years? How were they built? And who exactly built them?

Join Linda Moulton Howe for an experience that will forever shift your perspective on the elusive seventh continent of our planet.

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