1 Hour Stone Age Prehistoric Meditative Shamanic Ambient music (by Paleowolf)

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This material was made exclusively as a special edition of ambiental music themed with Prehistoric era and primordial shamanism, for meditative and relaxation purposes. It's an 1 hour ambiental piece weaved with shamanic ritualistic calls, shamanic drums that are meant to transport you to these dark and mysterious times of prehistoric life. Travel to the archaic and distant past spanning all over through the paleolithic-neolithic era. Connect with the primal Humanity through the secret pathways of your deep genetic memory.

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In the wake of Humanity's dawn on the planet Earth, before our ancestors put their marks on the vast continents and explored the distant realm, the world was a mysterious, unknown and peaceful place. With the curiosity of a child and the strength of a wolf, man set off to the magnificent journey of revelation that shaped him to who he is now. He watched with awe and wonder for the first time as the trees grew, as the fires burnt, as the animals play, listened to the sound of thunder and birds singing. Spending their day foraging and searching for food, practicing various skills and creativity, at night the tribe gathered around the cave fires to rejoice and paint the impressions upon the cave walls...

Immerse yourself deep into the shamanic Dream...

All music made by Paleowolf.
All rights reserved by Paleowolf.

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