भारत का 5 भूतिया होटल | 5 haunted hotels in India which guarantee sleepless nights in Hindi


पृथ्वी पर ही 10 करोड़ साल से मौजूद है यह विशाल और अजीब संरचना

प्राचीन धार्मिक स्थल असल मे विशाल सर्किट बोर्ड है!

What If a human Floated Away Into Space without space suite?

वैज्ञानिकों ने खोजी हवा में तैरने वाले टेक्नोलॉजी का राज

पत्थर के अंतरिक्ष यान जो उड़ते थे पौराणिक टेक्नोलॉजी से

विशालकाय 60 किलोमीटर ऊँचा पेड़ होने के सबूत! सब है हैरान

Andekhi Sach (अनदेखी सच Episode 36). Hotels are, primarily, establishments to provide comfortable and, maybe, luxurious lodging. But what if the moment you step into a hotel, a light breeze glides past your hair, windows and doors start squeaking, and strange sounds and smells fill up the spacious room? we bring you the spookiest hotels that dare you to spend a night there! Before deciding to visit one of these hotels, don’t expect to have tight sleep overnight. You should reserve a room in these hotels if you have never experienced such activities in your life but you desperately want to meet these ghosts personally. You will find the addresses, phone numbers and the prices of the hotels below. (अनदेखा सच Episode 36) | Andekha Sach.


(1) Hotel Raj Kiran, Lonavala, mumbai
Address: Rajkiran Resort, Old Mumbai Pune Highway Lonavla, Maharashtra - 410401
Phone: +91-7065536663 , +91-7065536662
INR 2,500 All Inclusive for Per Room/ Night

(2) Hotel Savoy, Mussoorie, Uttarakhand
Address: Library Bazar, Gandhi Chowk, Mussoorie, Uttarakhand 248179
Phone: 0135 263 7000
Rs 11,024 All Inclusive for Per Room/ Night

(3) Brijraj Bhawan Palace Hotel,
Address: Civil Lines, Nayapura, Kota, Rajasthan 324001
Rs 7,728 All Inclusive for Per Room/ Night

(4) Morgan House Tourist Lodge, Kalimpong, kolkata
Address: Chandraloke, Kalimpong, West Bengal 734301
Phone: 090079 95888
Prices are not available

(5) Hotel Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai
Address: Apollo Bunder, Apollo Bandar, Colaba, Mumbai,
Maharashtra 400001
Phone: 022 6665 3366
Rs 13,685 All Inclusive for Per Room/ Night

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In this video we will discuss about the below hotels:

Hotel Raj Kiran, Lonavala

If you are (bike) rider, Hotel Raj Kiran is a mere 2 hours’ road trip from Mumbai. Though not very huge, this hotel in the quaint city of Lonavala, has been confirmed as a haunted hotel in India by a number of experts on paranormal activities. A room in the corner behind the reception on the ground floor is claimed to be haunted. Guests have reported that bed sheets have been pulled off while they were asleep. Others have reported seeing blue light flashes at their feet.

Morgan House Tourist Lodge, Kalimpong

Morgan House Tourist Lodge, erstwhile heritage house, is a bloodcurdling lodge in the tiny hill station of Kalimpong in West Bengal. It was built in 1930’s by George Morgan, who lived there till the of Lady Morgan. Rumors about the ghost of Lady Morgan haunting the house makes the lodge one of the haunted places in Kolkata. Locals claim to have heard voices of somebody walking in high-heels in the wooden corridors.Originally a residence to a British family, this building was abandoned by George Morgan after the of his wife, Lady Morgan. Now a tourist lodge, guests often report that someone roams the halls of this establishment, making their presence felt. If the dilapidated state of the Morgan House was not scary enough, the stories of a scorned Mrs. Morgan before she __, and frequent claims of having heard her walking around in high heels will do the trick. It seems Lady Morgan can’t let go of her house.

Hotel Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai

Hotel Taj Mahal Palace has an interesting history. Jamshedji Tata was once denied permission to enter the Watson Hotel by the British. Furious by the discrimination, he got the hotel plan made by W.A. Chambers. However, when Chambers returned from his England trip, he found that the hotel was made in a direction opposite to his architectural plans. The disheartened architect committed suicide by jumping from the 5th floor of the hotel. Rumors of the ghost of Chambers walking in the Old Wing have been popular ever since.

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