The Best of Epic Music January 2018 | Epic & Powerful Music Mix

Best epic music discovered in January 2018 from channel Premium Music HQ
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00:00 Kkev Music Production - Omen
02:53 Marcin Sadowski - What The Wind Whispers
05:25 Armin Gutjahr - Resurrection
08:10 Secession Studios - Unbreakable
13:09 Marco Belloni - Reborn
16:26 The Silent Scream - Moment
19:10 Sky Mubs - When The Shadow Reveals You
22:44 VG Dragon Official - Cosmos
28:13 Fox Sailor - Gravitation
30:52 Secession Studios - Age of Resonance
35:07 Philipp Beesen - Shadow Warrior
38:43 Caroline J. Gleave - Always Believe
41:34 Kkev Music Production - Lumina
46:04 Whitesand - Legend of The King

Marcin Sadowski:
Marco Belloni:
Kkev Music Production:
Philipp Beesen:
Secession Studios:
Caroline J. Gleave:
Sky Mubs:
The Silent Scream:
Kkev Music Production:
VG Dragon Official:
Armin Gutjahr:
Fox Sailor:


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