Dino James - Bhokali [Official Video]

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“BHOKALI” ADJECTIVE , a term generally used for self boasting, over glorifying oneself..

Song Credits:
Special thanks Shadab Rayeen for Mixing & Mastering
Assisted by: Abhishek Sortey & Dhananjay
Music by Bluish Music (Nilesh Patel)
Featuring: Girish Nakod,
Additional Vocals: Himanshu Tyagi
Recording Engineer: - sanjay
Vocals recorded at Rae n Raga Studio
Written & composed by Dino James
Video credits:

Directed by: Himanshu Tyagi
Concept by: Dino James and Himanshu Tyagi
Director of photography: Aritra Sen
Additional cinematography: Himanshu Agarwal
Edited by : Himanshu Tyagi Yash Pania
Executive Producer: Dino james
Graphic designing and VFX: Murtaza Patanwala
First Assistant Director: Sheepu Sharma

Thanks to: Sooraj Harry, Divya James, Jaspreet Singh Chhabra, Salman Afroz, Shambhavi Thakur

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