ASMR Roleplay: Flirty/Friendly Nurse (Gender Neutral, Audio Only)

Hellooooooo!!!! I am absolutely LOVING the new google form. Not sure what I'm talking about? That's totally fine! I've been wanting to expand my channel for awhile now and I can finally do that, all with the help from you guys! So, have you ever really wanted to see a video from me helping you get over your crush? Or had a bad day at work and you need someone to comfort you? Well, now you have the chance to suggest that! Keep in mind, these will be YOUTUBE APPROPRIATE!

This video was actually requested so whoever suggested this, thank youuuu ;)

Also, don't ever count on me being a doctor because this was....a mess?

How have you guys been? I hope well. Feel free to leave me a comment about everything going on in your lives! I love you all so so so much. I have so many big things for you guys in store and this is all possible thanks to your help. I truly want to know how you guys have been doing! Feel free to email me about whatever you'd like :) [email protected]

Oh my gosh! I really do love you guys!!! You know, incase I haven't said that enough. Thank you so much for everything!! And always remember: YOU MATTER.

HEY! I was super serious about the not drinking and driving. I'm working on getting an uber code now to hopefully keep you guys OFF the roads when drinking. Hopefully!

some of you have been asking if you could help out to better my channel (allow me to eat for this week. kidding not really. but think of how many chicken nuggets i could by. or a new microphone because do u guys hear the static in the back? YIKES!) by donating so i decided to make a paypal. please don't feel obligated to send me anything, this is just for those who were asking!!

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