ASMR 30 Triggers to Help You Sleep | 1+ Hours

Excuse the slightly cold lighting in the first few minutes, it gets warmer around minute 3. ❤️
0:00 textured pot holder
3:20 pipette
5:32 green hairy rubber ball
8:32 bamboo brush
11:42 fabric hand fan
14:16 rubber ball filled with orbeez
17:15 sequin pouch (mermaid sequins)
20:09 textured piece of cardboard
22:42 remote control
25:56 zen magnets/bucky balls
29:17 brushing microphones
30:40 controller/button sounds
33:02 slime (popping slime bubbles)
36:03 fake plastic flower
37:55 water bottle
39:22 rubik’s cube
41:45 rubber bathtub cushion
43:58 super sticky tape
45:23 reed (?) place mat
46:42 light bulb
48:37 textured glass perfume bottle
50:38 slinky
52:36 barrel o slime
54:05 textured purse
56:11 hand sounds
57:13 real nail tapping
57:44 saline ampules
59:50 plastic box
1:01:22 sponge
1:02:14 flowery rubber brush (brushing hands)

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