Vote 1 Animal Justice Party - Emma Hurst (Lead Candidate NSW)

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Emma Hurst is the Upper House candidate for the Animal Justice Party. After completing a masters in psychology, Emma decided to work to protect animals from cruelty and has worked in animal advocacy for over a decade. She was born and raised in Sydney and NSW has always been her home.

She is running for NSW Parliament because she is sickened by the way the current Government allows major corporations to be cruel to animals simply for profit. Examples of this include the farming of companion animals in puppy farms, battery-caged egg systems, and huge land clearing which has made many of our native animals homeless. Australians love animals and want to see them protected. By changing policies and law and blocking Bills that would otherwise bring about harm to animals, Emma is confident we can build a country that is kind and respectful to all species.

In addition to lobbying for stronger protection of animals, she is also passionate about people and the environment and believe in kindness, non-violence and equality for all.

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