The Legend of Zelda Symphony (2 Hour 45 Epic Soundtrack Playlist)

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Hey there, after hours and hours, of reviewing, piecing together and redoing step 1 and 2 over and over, I finally have it ready! It's my largest symphony so far, and I really wanted to honour my favorite game series!

By the way Ocarina of Time is my favorite game of all time, so obviously, I may be a little biased towards its soundtrack. I mostly used orchestral covers for most of the soundtracks (or reorchestrations) since the zelda ost fanbase is enormous. Even if you don't like a cover, I urge you to check a different one, there's like, 4-5 high quality orchestrations for most zelda soundtracks out there.

If this video goes well, I will probably do single game zelda symphonies, so let me know which game you would like to see symphonised in the comments.

I would really like to thank all these channels that do such a good work on orchestrating zelda soundtracks, and especially the Synthetic orchestra channel, for their bewitching covers. (Links below)


0:00 Main theme - tLoZ: 30th Anniversary Concert
3:37 The Dark World - tLoZ: 25th Anniversary Concert
6:32 Calling the Four Giants - Synthetic Orchestra Cover
7:55 Temple of Time - Synthetic Orchestra Cover
9:53 Stone Tower - Synthetic Orchestra Cover
12:28 Gerudo Valley - tLoZ: 30th Anniversary Concert
15:39 Hyrule Castle - Breath of the Wild
20:09 Deku Palace - Hylian Ensemble Cover
23:08 Great Fairy Fountain - tLoZ: 30th Anniversary Concert
26:17 Lost Woods / Saria's Song - The Synthetic Orchestra Cover
28:08 Hyrule Castle Courtyard - The Synthetic Orchestra Cover
29:37 Linebeck's Theme - Cleffer Notes Cover
31:09 Mayor's Detour/Mayor's Meeting - ZREO Redux
33:26 Dragon Roost Island - The Synthetic Orchestra
35:22 Hyrule Field - tLoZ: 30th Anniversary Concert
38:54 Kotake and Koume Theme - Ocarina of Time 3D
39:58 Song of Storms - Duncan20690 Cover
42:56 Chamber of Sages - Ocarina of Time 3D
44:46 Astral Observatory - Majora's Mask 3D
46:29 Ballad of the Wind Fish - The Second Narrator Cover
52:08 Fi's Farewell - Skyward Sword
54:29 Mipha's Theme - Breath of the Wild
55:48 Lorule Castle - Link between Worlds
1:00:06 Hyrule Field - Twilight Princess HD
1:03:23 Midna's Lament - Twilight Princess HD
1:06:26 Prince Sidon's Theme - Breath of the Wild
1:07:43 Revali's Theme - Breath of the Wild
1:08:58 Lon Lon Ranch - tLoZ: Anniversary Concert
1:12:14 Kakariko Village - The Synthetic Orchestra Cover
1:13:58 Intro Theme - Ocarina of Time 3D
1:16:36 Kokkiri Village - The Synthetic Orchestra Cover
1:18:13 Final Hours - Majora's Mask 3D
1:23:46 Farewell Hyrule King - The Wind Waker
1:25:57 Song of Healing - The Synthetic Orchestra Cover
1:28:22 Ballad of the Goddess - 25th Anniversary Concert
1:30:25 The Sky - Skyward Sword
1:34:55 Main Theme - Breath of the Wild
1:36:43 Sheik's Theme - Cleffer Notes Cover
1:38:37 Kaepora Gaebora's Theme - Hylian Ensemble Cover
1:40:51 Last Battle Theme - Ocarina of Time
1:43:53 Ganondorf Battle - Unknown, uploaded by ERIKHOT9
1:46:50 Dark Lord Ganondorf - ZREO Twilight Symphony Cover
1:49:58 Spirit Temple - The Noble Demon Cover
1:52:46 Sanctuary Theme - ZREO Cover
1:54:15 Ending Credits - Ocarina of Time

The Synthetic Orchestra Channel:

Hylian Ensemble Channel:

ZREO Channel:

The Noble Demon Channel:

Cleffer Notes Channel:

Duncan20690 Channel:

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