Rose Namajunas • Thug Rose (Highlightsᴴᴰ)

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Rose Namajunas is an American mixed martial artist that currently fights for the Ultimate Fighting Championship in the Strawweight division and she is the #4 ranked Strawweight fighter in the world.

Namajunas is a black belt in both Karate and Taekwondo and she often utilizes forward movement while pressuring opponents with jabs and a variety of kicks such as axe kicks, front kicks, and forward roundhouse kicks. After closing the distance, she will sometimes attempt to grapple and look to setup a submission.

Soundtrack: Intro 2 by NF

NICKNAME/S Thug Rose, The Riveter
AGE 25
DATE OF BIRTH June 29, 1992
WEIGHT CLASS Strawweight
WEIGHT RANGE 115 - 116lbs / 52 - 52kg
PREFERRED 115lbs / 52kg
HEIGHT 5ft 5in / 165cm
REACH 65in

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