The Real Reason DC Changed How Its Heroes Looked

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Bringing a costumed super-person to the screen is always a challenge, no matter which hero or villain you're working with. Do you keep the classic costume and hope your actor doesn't look like a Comic-Con reject? Do you redesign the whole thing and add a whole bunch of edgy fish-scales — and potentially annoy the fans in the process? With so many classic characters, DC Comics' live-action ambitions have had to tackle this issue dozens of times, from big-budget movie adaptations to super-suits that have to stand up to TV productions week after week. Like them or not, there are plenty of good reasons why DC changed how its heroes looked...

Superman | 0:33
Aquaman | 1:46
Hawkman | 3:39
Hawkgirl | 4:47
Black Canary | 5:43
Wonder Woman | 6:53
The Flash | 8:22

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