Plants vs. Zombies - All Mini games

Compilation showing every minigame in the original Plants vs. Zombies game for PC.

All Mini games in this video:
Zombotany Mini game - 00:00
Wall-nut Bowling Mini game - 08:11
Slot Machine Mini game - 15:44
It's Raining Seeds Mini game - 23:25
Beghouled Mini game - 36:47
Invisi-ghoul Mini game - 40:59
Seeing Stars Mini game - 50:51
Zombiquarium Mini game - 55:39
Beghouled Twist Mini game - 58:55
Big Trouble Little Zombie Mini game - 1:06:06
Portal Combat Mini game - 1:11:46
Column Like You See 'Em Mini game - 1:16:53
Bobsled Bonanza Mini game - 1:21:47
Zombie Nimble Zombie Quick Mini game - 1:34:07
Whack A Zombie Mini game - 1:42:09
Last Stand Minigame - 1:46:20
Zombotany 2 Mini game - 1:59:15
Wall-nut Bowling 2 Mini game - 2:09:53
Pogo Party Mini game - 2:22:39
Dr. Zomboss' Revenge Mini game - 2:31:11

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More information about Garden Warfare 2:
The battle for suburbia grows to crazy new heights in Plants vs. Zombies™ Garden Warfare 2! In this hilarious, action-packed shooter, zombie leader Dr. Zomboss has strengthened his horde and rebuilt suburbia as a zombie utopia. But hope remains, because for the first time the plants are taking the offensive in an all-out attack to reclaim their turf. Play as both the plants and zombies in new 24 player multiplayer and 4-player co-op modes, or go at it solo or in split-screen against the AI across all game modes. Garden Warfare 2 also introduces the Backyard Battleground, your very own interactive hub where you and up to 3 friends can take on daily quests, challenges, and interact with your favorite PvZ characters.


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