MrMobile's Best Of 2018 Awards!

When I sat down to select the best tech of 2018, I didn't have a database of performance metrics for each device, or a spreadsheet of review scores. What I had was a list of every product I covered in 2018, and a clear notion of how each had (or hadn't) made an impact on me, the tech landscape, or the broader landscape beyond. What I came away with was a list of six standout products, from smartphones to wearables, that in some way put a dent in mobile tech in 2018.

The choices are highly subjective, but I've done my best to explain my reasoning in the video above. If you disagree with my picks and would like to start your own list ... good news: I've already gotten that started! Vote in the MRMOBILE VIEWER'S CHOICE AWARDS at the link below, and you'll be entered for a chance to win one of the selected products from the MrMobile Awards! Voting closes November 30 so hit the link now!

Until next time, congratulations to all the winners – and Stay Mobile My Friends!



MrMobile's Best of 2018 Awards were selected based on three principal criteria: products considered had to have been covered by MrMobile in 2017/2018; they needed to be still offered for sale; and they had to be within the means of Mobile Nations to offer giveaways to sweepstakes winners (hence the lack of cars in this video). No manufacturer, carrier or other entity paid for inclusion in this list. Items were directly selected by MrMobile alone.



This post may contain affiliate links. See Mobile Nations' disclosure policy for more details:

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