Major Lazer - Loyal (feat. Kizz Daniel & Kranium) (Official Music Video)

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Official Music Video | Major Lazer - Loyal (feat. Kizz Daniel & Kranium)

Whine for me take it slow
Do you wanna wait for the dough I’m a Rockstar yes you know When I enter they go down low
Caro, high me pass Claro You a diva yes I know
E be you I’m talking to
Gimme Loving
Gimme Loving
Cuz I’m loyal
Cuz I’m loyal to you (x2)
Shawty (x8)

You a do the thing from damn Long when you see the boss yea me you a swing pon
fly from New York just fi link up
me you have a squeeze up you d cup
wine up you body fi me gal way
you a move you know seh you a number 1
left from Lagos go to Michigan just fi prove seh me a the don but anyway
you fi a bubble and a brace wine up you up waist
we no fi deh ya suh a trace no debate
and you cannot deny that I am the guy else you would a lie
won’t you come with me you where made for I ahh ahh

Sweetie come nearer
Let me in your life no danger E be you my queen my lover And I’ve got paper ah ah ah
Busy, busy busy busy
From three down to nine
Anything you want I go get ya
I just to let you know, with you I believe in love!

Production company: The Swank Group
Director Adriaan Louw
Executive Producer Allison Swank
DOP Thomas Revington
B-Camera: Roberto Colombo
Post production: Strangelove and Adriaan Louw
Color grade: Comfort & Fame

Fixers in Dakar: Ninka Mbaye and Nicolas Omar Diop
Stylist: Bull Doff @bulldoffofficiel
Dance Director: @DanceHallsn
Choreographers @watibogoss18 @pia_royal @hazelbandit
Dancers @ashleysalla @bbatg @danielle_hamchilla

New York:
Producer: Jeffrey Schroeder
Stylist: Marc Anthony George
Art Direction: Jonathan Qualtere


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