Hey guys! So it was our wedding anniversary AND we hit 500k subscribers on our RoseEllenDix YouTube channel! What a crazy week!! I love this vlog soo much, make sure you keep watching all the way until the end, especially if you wanna see that bikini action ;) haha

So we felt really weird about filming in the spa because people were around and I didn't want to look like a weirdo walking around vlogging but we managed to get some sneaky footage with our phones!

Hope you enjoyed this and if you did, you know where the thumbs up button is! :p

And don't forget to subscribe for MOAARRRRRRRR!

Fun Fact: Ok so we have my brother and gf coming to stay with us next weekend, then we might be going to PARIS the week after and then FLORIDA for PLAYLIST LIVE!!! My vlogging camera is primed, charged and ready. Strap in folks. This is going to be good! :D

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