Finding Closure After A Break-Up: Relationship Series 5/5

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Today's Therapy Thursday is the beginning of a new series, one of which I am extremely excited about! Discussing mental health & illnesses is the central focal point of my channel. However, I think it is equally important to talk about topics in which we can all relate to and benefit from, thus the commencement of the relationship series! Additionally, I think this is a fantastic way for us to interact with one another! Feel free to time chime in on your advice to others, or share your personal story!

Today, we discuss finding closure after a break-up, and finding what the ultimate take-away was from the relationship in order to further our self-growth. The next video of this relationship series will be about how to recognize if you are in a toxic relationship (or if you are the toxin yourself...yikes!) and how to break away! Like I said, feel free to comment down below or share your story in which may be displayed in the next video!

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