Shofu vs The Black Hokage - Dragon Ball FighterZ Gameplay

Dragon Ball FighterZ is a DBZ fighting game from Bandai Namco that The Black Hokage & Shofu have been enjoying. In this video, the two Youtubers share their love for the Dragon ball fighterZ gameplay. In this Dragon ball fighterZ gameplay review they don talk dragon ball fighterZ story and dragon ball fighterZ ending. Dragonball fighterz game draws characters from Dragon ball z and Dragon ball super. Characters such as Goku and Vegeta can be found in the Dragon ball fighterz story and may require a Dragon ball fighterZ guide to learn how to play. This isn't a dragon ball fighterz gameplay part 1, but it is an awesome look at how fighterz is different from other dbz games. Dbfz is sure to be one of the best dragon ball games. Just ask tfs dragon ball fighterz!

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