5 Goblins Caught On Camera & Spotted In Real Life!

5 Goblins Caught On Tape & Spotted In Real Life!


In the Final Fantasy franchise, characters called Goblins are used as an easy-to-defeat introductory opponent for role players, doing little damage with their blows. But actual goblins, first described in the Middle Ages, are said to be much more dangerous. They are small, mischievous or evil, and love to steal your stuff, especially gold and jewels. It is said that goblins possess magical powers similar to those of a fairy or a demon. Here are 5 YouTube videos of potentially genuine goblin sightings. Let's begin!

#5 - Tree Trouble

Our first goblin-sighting clip was posted on YouTube in June 2016 by the channel Amazing Mystery Videos. In the clip, shot at an undisclosed location, an eye witness ventures into the woods to find a possible goblin figure in a large hole of a tree trunk. The figure appears to be motionless in the first camera shot, but in the second, it appears to be using a wooden cane. Many commenters responded with skepticism, claiming that the video is a hoax. But others claim to see the possible goblin smiling with glee. Watch - and judge for yourself.

#4 - Spanish Spook

If you have children, please prepare yourself for this clip, as paranormal events involving little kids are always unnerving for parents. In the video, taken in Mexico and released in 2016 by the YouTube channel Zatiel, a boy and his sister are playing with a football when suddenly a mysterious small creature, too upright and skinny to be a cat or a dog, runs through the doorway, immediately frightening the young boy. The image is so fleeting that no positive identification can be made as to whether a real-life goblin has infested the children's play room. However, paranormal scientists know that poltergeists and other telekinetic activity can be especially active around the young, meaning that the so-called creature captured on video could actually be an inanimate object mysteriously brought to life.

#3 - Get To Da Choppah!

In this interesting video, uploaded by YouTube user Mary Sampras in August 2016, a videographer is filming a woman pointing a camera back at him or her - always a neat trick. But the attempt at a clever feedback loop of camera on camera is soon forgotten, as a mysterious small red-clad creature is found quickly scurrying behind a tree. Moments later, what may be a goblin or a gnome is seen potentially camoflauging itself in the tall weeds and foliage, imitating plant life in Predator-like fashion but with its humanoid shape still visible. The woman-with-camera turns and walks casually away from the creepy sight, showing a lot more courage than many scaredy-cat YouTubers reacting at home.

#2 - A Pet Goblin?

What is it with goblins and South America? In yet another Spanish-language clip, uploaded by YouTuber Yellow Chicken, a bus station is the setting of a mysterious incident that seems to alarm a female security guard. A portly woman is seen carrying what appears to be a child, but as the small humanoid turns to face the camera, its face is revealed to be horrifyingly ashen and colored a dark shade of green, with Spock-like pointy ears as a bonus. Is this parent carrying a deathly ill child, is it some type of optical illusion, or is this an otherworldly creature in the care of a Latin American bus traveller?

#1 - See See the Goblin

Ah, good old CCTV. When our friends in the security-camera business aren't documenting ghosts of King Henry the 8th's old haunting grounds, they're shedding light on the mysteries of trolls, imps and goblins. In this clip, uploaded by Apex TV, a strange creature is found traversing the floor of what appears to be a warehouse or storage facility. It is shaped somewhat like a chicken. However, its movements are creepily human like, and it even appears to be carrying something behind it on a string. Could it be treasure taken from the warehouse?YouTubers have speculated that the video could be a hoax involving a marionette, a remote-controlled robot, or - wait for it - a skunk that ate fruit that is fermenting. On the basis of that comment alone, this video and fan reaction receive our #1 ranking.

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