Birbal Inspirational Stories दुनिया मे कुछ लोग अमीर है,कुछ लोग गरीब क्यों Motivational Speech Hindi

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#Akbar #Birbal Hindi #Stories | अकबर बीरबल से दुनिया मे कुछ लोग अमीर है और कुछ लोग गरीब क्यों |

In this video Dr Praveen Jain Kochar - Motivational Speaker talks about the the the True Value of Human Being by showing the difference of our culture .
In this Short Moral Akbar Birbal Story , he told that :

Akbar used to ask a variety of strange and poor questions from Birbal. There were some questions that he used to ask for the examination of Birbal's intellect. Once, Emperor Akbar spoke to Birbal - Birbal is rich in this world. Why is there any poor person like this?

Everyone is called God as Father, in this case all men are their sons. The father wants to see his children always happy, and why does God make a person's idol of comfort by loving God and stray everybody for a handful of grains?

How we change the possibilities of our mind and intelligence according to our situations. According to him every Human Born with some special work but he forget the power's which is given by this Nature. This is one of the Best Short #Inspirational #Stories and Short #Motivational Stories Videos in Hindi you found. This is a best message for the society and Best Motivational Speech in hindi you found ever

Now a days Motivational Stories is so Important , The major benefits of motivation in an organisations are as follows:
Need satisfaction.
Job satisfaction.

Self motivated person or a self motivated learner can learn many things in life. ... It is therefore very important to remain self motivated to continue learning things that are supposed to be learnt. Being self motivated not only helps you aiming at your goals and objectives but also leads you to attain them successfully.
Dr Praveen Jain Kochar is well known famed Humanitarian Leader, Spiritual Master and an Ambassador of peace. His vision of a stress-free, violence-free society. He's a Motivational Strategist, Sharing Deeper Spiritual Insights with the World.

He's an Eminent, Jurist, Scientific Media Personality, Celebrity Top Astrologer, well known Columnist, Author and Future Predictor. His consultancy given to many V.V.I.P personalities Like Politicians, Sports Personalities, Entrepreneurs, Saint etc.

If you have a personal question, please drop your message on 91-87505-22277 via Whatsapp. If you wish to invite for an event or have any requests, send an email with details to "[email protected]

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Short Inspirational Motivational Stories ! जाने आपका जन्म किस लिए हुआ है | Moral Inspirational Stories | Akbar Birbal से दुनिया मे कुछ लोग आमिर है और कुछ लोग गरीब क्यों Akbar Birbal Hindi Stories

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