June 2018 AKA I'm a Beautiful Butterfly • Patreon Update

It's summer! That means the sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and there are mothafuggen butterflies eeeverywhere! And now I'm one too! So get ready for plenty of stupid prancing around with my giant wings as I show off my outfits, and give you the update of all that I've got coming up on my Patreon!


SHOUTOUT to my main Doers of Stuff,
• PIP, dude's got a beard that would make Odin weep!!
• BRIAN, who I think is a spy, but he swears he's not!
• CHRISTOPHER, even though he's ignoring me but I'll make him talk!
• MICHAEL, an IRL Hylian as far as I can tell!
•IGNACIO who is one cool cat.

Support Lety Does Stuff! -
Wanna help me make more videos, maybe support my hobby of taking cute photos? If you can pledge a couple bucks to me on Patreon every month, you make sure that I can keep putting out content on a regular basis! And if pledging money is just not your thing, then that’s cool too. There’s lots of ways you can help support me, all of which can be found by checking out the link above!


Lety Does Stuff was started by Lety (duh), who has dreamt of making her own videos since fooorrrever! For the longest time though, she was just too busy doing stuff to squeeze that in. But now she does all the stuff! Including making videos! And... I dunno? Good on her, I guess.


Video Info
Lety Does Stuff S4:E201 "June 2018 AKA I'm a Beautiful Butterfly • Patreon Update" was filmed on 2018 June 05 .

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