World's First Blockchain Investment Funds Marketplace

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CoTrader’s working blockchain platform is the world's first trustless investment funds marketplace, which aims to disrupt the $85 trillion global funds industry.
Unlike competitors, CoTrader offers transparent smart-funds that decouple fund management from custodianship; Fund fees and past ROIs are proven on the blockchain, and smart contracts provides investors with the assurance that only investors can ever withdraw their funds at any time. Fund managers, called traders, can set their own performance fees and make trades on behalf of their investors, called cotraders, but traders can not withdraw others’ funds.

Users automatically build up a performance history by using smart funds. Top traders and influencers have tremendous incentive to be listed in the CoTrader marketplace and compete for investors, because this leverages and multiplies their own earnings enormously.

CoTrader ties together multiple decentralized exchanges (DEXs) like Kyber, Bancor, and 0x to form a super-DEX for maximum liquidity.

Beyond decentralized exchanges: CoTrader can tokenize all assets on any exchanges, from Binance to Ameritrade, with its smart escrow exchange protocol, which will later support financial assets beyond cryptos, including pre-ICO futures, stocks, shorts, and derivatives.

CoTrader takes 20% of managers’ fees. For example, if a fund manager charges a 20% performance fee, CoTrader takes 20% of that 20%, which would be 4% total. All platform profits are used to buy back COT tokens. A DAO holds these tokens and can use them to fund further development of the platform.

COT tokens are used to pay platform fees. The COT token will be required to hide the trading strategies of Traders, using our patent-pending protocol-agnostic technology.

CoTrader is a rare find in that it has built the blockchain product before its ICO. The platform is live on the Ethereum testnet now, and is going live on mainnet in July 2018.

The site,, contains all the info - one-pager, pitch-deck, white-paper with 2-page exec summary, concept video.

Blockchain product video: ...

We'd love to meet your team for an in-person or video call demo of our product and Q&A discussion.

Email us at: team at our domain

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