Wonder Woman's Past Is Darker Than You Realized

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Wonder Woman is one of comics' most enduring, positive examples of heroism and equality, and she's a proven box office smash. But beneath that red and gold gear lies a surprisingly dark history. Ever since Wonder Woman left the island of the Amazons on a mission of world peace, the violent Patriarch's World has had nothing but pain and death for the superheroine. Here's a glimpse at Princess Diana's dark, depressing past…

Origins | 0:23
Medical malpractice | 1:06
Doctor Psycho | 1:43
Powerless | 2:33
Flip-flopping feminism | 3:04
Crisis | 4:04
War of the Gods | 4:47
Almost dead again | 5:18
Dead again | 5:50
Dead again... again | 6:13
The murder of Maxwell Lord | 6:46
Blackest Night | 7:16

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