Overwatch - Top 6 Love Combos

From Orisa's smooth moves, to Junkrat's wacky affection, the heroes of Overwatch can't help but have eyes for one another. And Tumblr certainly doesn't help it... Here, I list my "Top 6 Love Combos" in Overwatch. These hero ships have been created by the community, and are good representations of character relationships. And maybe some good fan theories as well. Even the voice actors in real life like to entertain some of these.

I also do other Top 5s from other games if you're interested. Overwatch is great because it's nice looking forward to the new map, or a new hero (I think Moira just dropped) or new skins coming soon. And to look up the most wtf or even famous moments in-game. Upcoming events are always good for producing more funny fails, and maybe even secret interactions.

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