Long & Air Roll Shots Tutorial (50 Shots!) | 2019 ROCKET LEAGUE TUTORIAL

(Instructions and code are below)
Hey guys! I'd massively appreciate any feedback/upvotes to help me reach a bigger audience on Reddit!:

Hope you enjoy this bakkesmod-infused pack I've made. I can comfortably say this is my best ever training pack... Good luck improving!

1. Download Bakkesmod from Bakkesmod.com
2. When in game, open up the console by hitting "F2".
3. In the "Custom Training" tab, check the boxes for "Automatic Mirroring," "Shuffle playlist," "Variance," and goal blocker. In the goal blocker editor, you can drag your scoreable area.
4. Go to the "Bindings" tab.
5. Click "Add" at the top
6. Click on "None" and set it to "F8"
7. Double click the first blank row, and copy paste the following (all into the first row):

sv_training_player_velocity (450, 650); sv_training_var_speed (-1.0, 0.5); sv_training_var_rot (-0.3, 0.3); sv_training_var_loc 0; sv_training_var_loc_z 0; sv_training_var_spin (-0.3, 0.3); sv_training_limitboost 35

9. Before practicing, make sure to hit F8 to use my custom training settings. If the Goal Editor isn't working, make sure to "Restart Training".

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Camera Settings (Modified Fairy Peak! Settings):
FOV: 110
Height: 110
Angle: -3
Distance: 270
Stiffness: 0.55
Transition Speed: 1.30
Swivel Speed: 5.00

Controller Settings:
Air Roll Left: L1
Air Roll Right: R1
Air Roll: Left Paddle on SCUF controller (mapped to square)
Powerslide: Left Paddle on SCUF controller (mapped to square)
Ball Cam: Triangle
Rear Cam: Right Paddle on SCUF (Mapped to Right D-Pad)
Reset Shot: L3
Scoreboard: Options
All others are defaults.

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