[ASMR] Welcome to Slytherin! | Choose Your Own Adventure

Welcome to the Slytherin House! The Sorting Hat must have seen something cunning, resourceful, and ambitious in you. Slytherin students tend to form close bonds with a small few, and can be selective with the people they choose to focus their time and energy on. You are most likely achievement-oriented and are not afraid to look out for yourself. You contemplate all options before you act in order to have a favorable outcome. Gather around the damp stone wall in order to gain passage into the Slytherin Dungeon, where you will receive a tour of your new home.

Welcome to your new home!
All background images and sounds provided by the incredible ASMR Rooms. Thank you SO much for your incredible work! Check her out here:
Original video here:

If you haven't taken the quiz, start here:

Thank you to BeardedNylon for providing the voice of the Sorting Hat!!!!

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