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The best part of this video is my freakin' Juju on that Beet. Oh, the final video for that is here:
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KymNonStop, Stevie Boebi, Danny Berk, Sarah Croce, ElloSteph

Sunday, January 22, 2017 Saturday, January 28, 2017

Illegal snapping in SoulCycle again for you. Nervously shooting in a grocery store with out permission but nailing the first take! Well, the only take. Not sorry, Ralph's. Maybe a little sorry, Jujubes. Freezing in a hot tub at a YouTube party. So touched by not only one Pal-y but my whole Patreon team! CROSSFIT and napping on the floor? Can’t tell you why yet… Filming a new Life the Musical! Photdeo: when you pose for a picture but turns out it’s a video. Now I target all my friends for photdeos. It's too easy. Or I'm just a jerk. My victims include my voice coach, my assistant, Stevie, and ElloSteph. At the celebrity doctor? Still can’t tell you why. I give you more and more details about my surprise. At Jack in the Box’s new burger premier where I escape a room and eat my face off. Yes, you get to watch me eat the new Bacon Buttery Jack burger. I visit Fox Studio’s and their entire fake community. I finally tell you my big reveal about Naked and Afraid! Watch the two announcement videos for more details: . I decide I need to do all my activities outside now to prepare for the show. I work out sans roof. I attend a record breaking premier and they they actually let me speak on the panel. Also, step and repeat.


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