ICO Reviews: Whalesburg, Iagon, Elysian, Datablockchain and Alethena

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In this video I will review the Whalesburg ICO, Iagon ICO, Elysian ICO, Datablockchain ICO and Alethena ICO.
I am taking a rather different approach to ICO's and cryptocurrencies in general. While other youtubers give you the "moon", "lambo" and "100x" gains dreams, I talk about the realistic odds that a particular project succeedes and if there really is need for blockchain in their project. As you will also find, most of these ICO's don't need even close to the millions of dollars that they want to raise in funding.

Cryptocurrency, blockchain, and altcoin investing offers new crypto entrants a high risk, high reward strategy that has the potential to net them big profits if done correctly. The savvy crypto investor looks for undervalued altcoins, and cryptocurrency projects that have a greater ROI relative to more established rivals such as Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ripple. Crypto Ben will consider the merits and potential obstacles of altcoin investing and asks whether the markets they seek to serve are non-existent or over-saturated. Crypto investing is littered with new and exotic sounding terms - tokenize this, blockchain that, etc. No wonder new investors gasp in desperation as they try to understand the incomprehensible! Each day, Crypto Ben will take a look at different ICOs and ask whether they actually solve a problem, whilst comparing them to previous ICO projects. Supply and demand, basic economics and a sound understanding of market psychology are all taken into account and investigated by Crypto Ben.
DISCLAIMER: This is not financial advice. I am not Financial advisor.
Whalesburg website:
Iagon website:
Elysian website:
Datablockchain website:
Alethena website:

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