Ark: Survival Evolved - Minas Tirith from the Lord of the Rings (Speed Build)

Download Link for the Build:

NEW ARK CONTENT! (Homestead Update)
With S+ Implemented into the base game of ARK: Survival Evolved, I made Minas Tirith from the Lord of the Rings. This update vastly improves the building system in Ark as triangles are essential for building in survival games. The large walls are also a great addition.
The build took me around 30 hours to build and I have edited it down to a 3 hour speed build video. The whole build is showcased at the end. You might think you don't want to watch a 3 hour video on YouTube, but the amazing music in here might change your mind.

00:00 Falketind - Edvard Bolås
04:16 Jökull (Metal Version) - Alexander Nakarada

08:18 Traveler - Alexander Nakarada

12:20 Finding Alice - Marc Jungermann

Part 2
17:38 Ark: Survival Evolved Main Theme - Gareth Coker
20:24 Dragon From Hell - Maki Symphony

22:45 Endless Storm - Maki Symphony

25:06 Ark Aberration Theme - Gareth Coker
27:06 The Colossal Enemy - Maki Symphony

Part 3
30:12 Ark Boss Battle Theme Overseer - Gareth Coker

Part 4 (41:58)
42:27 Ark Extinction Theme - Gareth Coker
45:35 VS Queen - Maki Symphony
47:00 Midsommarnatt - Marc Jungermann

50:05 04:16 Jökull (Piano Version) - Alexander Nakarada

54:17 Brilliant Axe - Maki Symphony

57:20 Battle in the Snow Mountain - Maki Symphony
59:27 Pterosaur - Maki Symphony

01:01:33 VS Death - Maki Symphony
01:03:18 Jökull (Orchestral Version) - Alexander Nakarada

Part 5
01:06:31 Ark OST end credits - Gareth Coker
01:10:57 My Heart - Different Heaven
01:13:43 Adventure - JJD
01:18:44 Monody - TheFatRat

Part 6 (01:22:30)
01:23:35 Ride of the Valyries - Wagner
01:29:03 300 Violins - Ender Guney

01:31:24 Danse Macabre - Camille Saint-Saëns
01:38:11 Into the Horizon - Marc Jungermann

Part 7
01:44:03 粉红色 Chinese Fantasy Music - Marc Jungermann

01:48:11 Ancestral Legacy - Marc Jungermann

01:53:22 Beyond Tomorrow - Marc Jungermann

01:57:59 Finding Alice - Marc Jungermann

Part 8
02:03:35 Ultimatum - Marc Jungermann

02:13:49 Late 70's Synth Rock - Edvard Bolås
02:16:39 Heroica - Marc Jungermann

Part 9 (02:17:15)
02:21:17 粉红色 Chinese Fantasy Music - Marc Jungermann

02:25:09 Ark Boss Battle Theme King Titan - Gareth Coker
02:32:17 Shadows - Marc Jungermann

02:36:51 Seventh Son - Marc Jungermann

02:41 Where Time Stands Still - Marc Jungermann

Part 10 (02:44:17) Prior to this part, there were no mods in the build. Although it is built with features from upcoming content that are in the beta. This new content adds features from S+ like triangles and large walls into the base game. Both on PC and Console. I use two mods after this.
Medieval Structures 2

02:47:07 Titans of Thunder - Marc Jungermann

02:51:27 Black Walls - Ender Guney

02:54:47 Ark Extinction Ascension - Gareth Coker

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