Cyberblock Metal Orange [サイバーブロックメタルオレンジ] -- PC-98

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Cyber Block Metal Orange is another fine game from Custom; the creators of Carat, the magical block puzzle game. Like Carat, CBMO is a hentai game, only this time, the theme is "Breakout". That's right, you play an Arkanoid/Breakout game with hentai CG pics. It doesn't have nearly as many modes as Carat, but it still does a good job of what it does have; great music, decent visuals (for a 1993 Breakout game I guess) and some twists that make it interesting.

You can get power-ups to boost your speed, extend your ship, make multiple balls all over the place, fire a laser gun, create illusions that can hit the ball as you move (your images hit the ball too), make a "GIGA" ball that can plow through all sorts of blocks, and even create a barrier across your entire bottom of the screen. There are various sorts of obstacles in your path and your ball can get really fast (there are items you can grab to slow things down a little temporarily). Ocassionally, you can find a 1-UP too, but they're pretty rare.

As you beat stages, the girls take off pieces of clothing and you must play through more stages in succession to make the CGs more "erotic"...and did I say the music is great? While I haven't played them, there is supposed to be another game just titled "Metal Orange" (the game before CBMO for PC-88) and an enhanced version for the X68000 titled "Cyberblock Metal Orange EX". Not sure what to say about the underage girls in this game...They should have just done what lots of other H-games did/do; don't tell you their age and you always must assume that they are 18 or older. Enjoy.

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