Part 1 - Vector Art | Vector Portrait | Cartoon Yourself - Adobe illustrator cc 2018 - Hammad Aslam

Part 1 - Vector Art | Vector Portrait | Cartoon Yourself - Adobe illustrator cc 2018 - Hammad Aslam

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This video is about drawing vector portrait in realistic cartoon style from photo. In this video I have created Hairs and Beard Drawing tutorial in adobe illustrator. The Line art drawing is most important part of cartoon portrait drawing as it is the base of the drawing. You have to take care of the objects you are drawing in a very precise manner so that everything is perfect and neat and clean. I have drawn base hair, eyes, nose, mouth and body in line art drawing whereas I'll do shading of the cartoon portrait in the next video.

I'll do realistic Shading of the Line art illustration that I have drawn in the previous video. I have done 3 layer shading along with the highlights and shadows. The shading technique is very important to give a realistic look to cartoon portrait otherwise it looks very flat and boring.

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