ASMR Isn't Inherently Sexual, You Just Want Attention.

►Hey guys, what'cha doin, it's The Killer Doll, and ASMR is something I've always been interested in. I've made parodies and one semi serious video, but all in all I use ASMR to fall asleep. However, the ASMR community has had a rather bad epidemic of people using the title to just post pretty borderline or just straight up sexual content to get attention and views. Personally, as someone who actually enjoys ASMR, this is pretty upsetting because there are actual ASMRtists who put in work and then there are these people who will purposely eat a banana in a sexual way and make their thumbnail more suggestive than what it should be for attention.

I should probably mention this HERE and NOW before I see comments on this; I, in no way shape or form, hate ANY of the people I mentioned in this video. I disagree with some (if not a majority) of the content they produce for this site. I find that it goes against terms of service or is so borderline that it might as well be considered breaking it. I find NOTHING wrong with sexuality, its just when you're breaking rules on a website that has somewhat strict rules against blatant and borderline sexuality, you cant defend it as preference as many people have. When you're breaking community guidelines consistently for attention, it's no longer about preference and you making what you want to make; its that you just want views in a cheap manner and don't want to post your sexualized ASMR to a more appropriate site.

If you wanna check out some actual ASMRtists, heres who I recommend and listen to pretty often:


Goodnight Moon



Latte ASMR

Karuna Satori ASMR


PS: The whole point of my heavily sexualized thumbnail is to basically portray what every single one of the thumbnails these channels make usually look like. I'm not even kidding, every BabyZeldaASMR whatever thumbnail is titties and food and a lot of the videos I used in this video had pretty sexual thumbnails in general, so I mean I HAD to try to replicate it.
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