4/15/19 - New Dark Electro, Industrial, EBM, Gothic, Synthpop - Communion After Dark

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This week Communion After Dark spins new music from Massive Ego, In Good Faith, Aesthetic Perfection, Nordika, Priest, Grey Gallows, Vanguard, Curse Mackey and more! TRACKLIST BELOW

We are a weekly podcast bringing you the newest Gothic/Industrial, EBM and Electro music from around the world.

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~Model: Lynette Drachenblut | IG: lynette_drachenblut
Photo can be found here:

*Opening sample from South Park - A Song of Ass and Fire
**Background music during talking parts is Noise Unit - Ascent

***Played the wrong track on the CD. Actual song was by the Coventry, not Belladonna Grave as announced.
***Corrected track title. Kompromat - Niemand
*****Massive Ego removed due to copyright restrictions. Listen to our unedited show through the links above

CAD PLAYLIST (DATE): April 15, 2019 Edition

00:52 Felix Marc - Get Out - Substance - Self-Released/Bandcamp.com

04:06 In Good Faith - Not What I Wanted (Frozen Plasma Remix) - Not What I Wanted - Self-Released

09:02 ***Kompromat - Niemand - Traum und Existenz - Clivage Music

***** Massive Ego - My Religion is Dark - The Church of the Malfunctioned - Out of Line Records

13:03 Aesthetic Perfection - No Boys Allowed - Into the Black - Close to Human

16:48 UVB - Testes - Testosterone - Body Theory

21:30 Shot of the Week - Pisco Sour - Pisco and Sour Mix

28:23 Nordika - Lust - Winterheart’s - Aquo Rec

33:11 Analogue-X - Angel of Light - Imaginary - Echozone

38:05 Dark-o-matic - Authentic? - Neonautics V.03 - SkyQode

43:02 ***The Coventry - Natural Order - ZEITGEIST Vol. 9 - Cold Transmission Music

46:45 Priest - Neuromancer - OBEY - Lovely Records

50:17 Goo Munday - Anti-Life - 9 Lives - Negative Gain Productions

53:18 Communion After Dark

Guest DJ NAME: Winters
0:59:45 Death Rate A Politics [DRAP] - We are Wasp - We are Wasp single
1:03:17 FEE LION - Blood Sisters - Blood Sisters Album - Self-Released

1:07:23 Magnified Desire - Dead Flowers - Penthouse / Magnified Desire - Self-Released

1:10:00 Grey Gallows - She Ends Herself - Forthcoming album 2019

1:13:27 CrackDown - Time - Time Single - Self-Released


1:20:47 Vanguard - Grit - Manifest - Infacted Recordings

1:24:51 My Love Kills - Alone - Glitch - ScentAir Records (May 2019)

1:27:55 Projekt Ich - New Dreams for Old feat. Marcus Mokuso (Oren Amram Synthesize Me remix) - New Dreams for Old - Echozone

1:32:50 Run Level Zero - Salutation - Swaerm - Self-Released

1:38:10 Curse Mackey - Blowmindr - Instant Exorcism - Negative Gain Productions


1:52:21 Giant Monsters on the Horizon - DEL, CTRL & ESC feat. Alpha Quadrant - RE:MIX//Omega - Self-Released/Bandcamp.com


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