ASMR Getting US Ready For Sleep ♥️ Brushing OUR Hair, Removing Makeup ~ Sleepy Tingles

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Welcome back to OUR channel everyone! If you’re new here, I’d like to welcome you to our family, and I encourage you to introduce yourself below. We sound like a cult, because we probably are.

So, for the next couple weeks, possibly into March, some regular trigger videos will be filmed here in my room. I’m moving my studio, so it will take a while with that.. soundproofing, light fixtures, etc.. so please let me know down below how you like the set up on this room so far. With that being said - tonight I will be getting US ready for sleep! There is no back story here, except you are spending the night, and I’m getting us allllll ready. I start by spraying a relaxing room mist, followed by prepping both of our hair for brushing with a detangling spray. I brush us both, and then remove your makeup. I finish by applying some milky argan oil, and brush your hair a bit more.. then it is time for sleeeeep! I often remind you during this video that you’re very safe. As long as you are with me, you’re safe. I promise. So please... sit back, relax, and let me get us ready for bed. I LOVE you, with ALL of my person.. and I will see you tomorrow family.

#asmrroleplay #asmrsleep

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