[FEH] Summoning Session: That's All Folks!

I just can't go on after this guys. It's too painful. Watch me attempt to summon for H! Hector, Lucina, and Ike. And watch me fail... Over and over.

- 558 orbs
- 5* pity breaks: Corrin, Hector, Mordecai, Myrrh, Lethe, Linde, Julia, Nailah, Laegjarn, Mareeta, Chrom; that's 11 off focus in a row
- If my math is right that's approximately a 1/2084 chance of happening. Or .0004%. (Edit: It was even worse. I missed two. It was 13 in a row. So.... 1/8192, minimum...Gacha is pain.)
- But WAIT! It's even worse! Because a lot of that was on the 4% banner. Let's just say it was BAD.
- That's about average, maybe slightly above average 5* haul, but...
- I think I had 2...3... Circles that had more than 2 focus colors... The entire time. And then I got one at the last circle.
- It was going to be difficult to get everything I wanted today. I knew that. I was prepared mentally to spend about 300 and decide if I would proceed. To not get ANYTHING is such a gut punch, I just can't continue guys....

Final thoughts:
- I'd like to thank everyone that's stuck around throughout the months. I started the channel in April and managed to get over 500 subscribers in a short time. It may not seem like much, but trying to make quality, consistent, non-cringey, non-viral content is *hard*.
- I really enjoyed interacting with everyone. I hope I was able to entertain and educate as best I could. It made me very happy to hear that I was able to help many people get to tier 21 through my Aether Raids series.
- But, my passion is gone. I refuse to spend money on this game. As someone with previous gambling problems, I CANNOT continue. I told myself if I went bankrupt... That was it. I'm sticking to that. I did my absolute best to ensure that wouldn't happen. I built safety nets, I never took great risks... But sometimes it doesn't work out. That's life.
- Life is too short guys. Don't jeopardize your future on digital crack. Please don't spend more than a few bucks on this game guys. It's NOT worth it.
- Keep in mind: I have made 0 dollars and 0 cents providing this content. It takes me 2 to 3 hours a day to do what I do so far. I've done this every day for 6 months. It's a lot to give up. And I'm tired.

What's next:
- Look I can't guarantee I won't come back, but... This is really, really devastating. I won't guarantee anything, but if I had to guess, this is probably the last video I post this year.
- Until we meet again... Have a great day! Take care, buh bye!

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