Top 10 Strangest Creatures EVER Caught On Camera

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On earth there are strange, enigmatic creatures and species that often leave scientists baffled. Here are the Top 10 Strangest Creatures Caught On Camera!
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Be Amazed at these Top 10 Strangest Creatures Caught On Camera! Tubifex Worms - Worms are nasty-looking, slimy creatures. Just the sight of them moving around will make anyone feel uneasy. Tubifex worms are no different; in fact, they may be worse. Creatonotos Gangis Moth - If you don't have a fear of hairy bugs, then you'll start having one now. Earlier this year, a viral video surfaced on Facebook showing a moth-like creature with huge hairy appendages protruding from its back. Here is the video. Deepstaria Enigmatica - The deep sea holds many bizarre creatures that are yet to be discovered. Back in 2012, a strange balloon-like creature was caught on tape in deep waters. Triops - Back in 2008, a strange marine creature was found in a small town in Russia. This was accompanied with a video titled "Prehistoric Horror" that quickly went viral within days. Basket Star - Here is yet another deep sea creature that will surely make you squirm. In 2014, a Singaporean angler caught an underwater creature which he said was "moving like an alien".

Ampulex Dementor - Wasps are terrifying. This wasp, however, takes the word "terrifying" to the next level — meet the Ampulex Dementor. Homaemus Proteus Nymphs - Very rarely will you find cute bugs, as most of them come equipped with stingers, hairy appendages, and many other disgusting bug features. Fangtooth Snake Eel - Hurricane Harvey was a devastating hurricane that wrought destruction in the United States. Ribbon Worm - Yet another strange worm squirms its way into this video. Back in May 2015, the Internet were all over a strange worm that expels this gooey, white substance out of its mouth. Giant Stingray - Stingrays are often feared, especially when Steve Irwin, the famed crocodile hunter, died when he encountered one. But this viral video back in 2013 proves that friendship can blossom between a boy and a giant stingray.

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