Top 10 Biggest Differences Between Marvel and DC

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Top 10 Biggest Differences Between Marvel and DC

Both publish superhero comics but there are a lot of differences between how Marvel and DC go about making their stories. It's more that the difference between Batman and Iron Man, and we're looking at how different DC's universe and methods are from Marvel Comics'. Who has more superhero teams? Does DC or Marvel have more famous superheroes? Who is darker, Marvel or DC? Join WatchMojo as we explore all the differences between Marvel and DC Comics.

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00:44 #10. Marvel Has More Superhero Teams
01:28 #9. Marvel’s Characters Die (and return) More Often
02:06 #8. Marvel’s ‘Events’ are More Frequent
02:54 #7. The Dark Sides
03:56 #6. DC Has Animation Figured Out
04:54 #5. DC Has a Longer History
05:41 #4. DC Has More StandAlone Stories
06:45 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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