Cultured Meat: What is lab grown meat, and would you eat it?

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Imagine eating a hamburger that is in every way identical to the hamburgers you’re used to eating… except that did not come from an animal. While this may sound like science fiction, cultured meats (also known as lab-grown meat, slaughter-free meat, in-vitro meat, or even clean meat!) may be available to the consumers in the next couple of years.

In this episode of Risk Bites on “meat 2.0”, Dr. Mariya Vizireanu takes a look at what clean meat is, and what the benefits and risks might be.

Written, narrated and produced by Dr. Mariya Vizireanu, Research Associate - Center for the Study of Los Angeles (Loyola Marymount University)


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Lab-Grown Meat
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Risk Bites videos are devised, created and produced by Andrew Maynard, in association with the Arizona State University School for the Future of Innovation in Society (). They focus on issues ranging from risk assessment and evidence-based decision making, to the challenges associated with emerging technologies and opportunities presented by public interest technology.

Risk Bites videos are produced under a Creative Commons License CC-BY-SA

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