"DINOSOWER? That cheat3r crew?" 60fps (Frag Compilation)

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Lots of clips taken from months worth of me and my friends playing everyday. Thank you so much for watching! Hope you enjoyed it!

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I realize a lot of people use the DINOSOWER tag and che'at but dinosower is one of the biggest steam community groups which currently has 77,000 members and counting. But I believe the reason is the csgo community is garbage and filled with cheat3rs. Not just dinosower you cant put all the blame on dinosower(maybe dinosower has a little lot due to younger kids wanting to frag like us). But it's not for what I've intended or wanted. This video title is ironic and me and my close friends that are part of our community are I guarantee you legit and mean no harm.

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Song: Everybody's Circulation by TMABird

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