The Reason I Fly

A year ago today I released what became an iconic video for my channel, a collection of footage from a road trip with friends. This is the follow up to that video, and for me it defines the reason I do what I do. It is also in a way a thank you to everyone who has provided the support to allow me to keep doing this, I imagine this is why you did what you did and I hope this makes it worthwhile for you.

I look forward to making more and more of these in years to come.

Last years roadtrip video -

Music: Halsey - I walk the line.


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And to all my sponsors for their ongoing support.
Team Blacksheep
Impulse RC
HQ Prop
Thunderpower RC


-Frame -...
- Motors - ...
- PDB ...
- FC
- ESC Kiss 32A or
- Props -
- FPV Cam (camera tilt 30°) -
- Video transmitting antenna -
- Video Transmitter 800mW -
- Lipo Battery -
- HD camera for freestyle -
- HD camera for filming -
- ALL UP WEIGHT - 602g -


- Radio -
- Radio Transmitter - ...
- Radio Receiver - ...
- Radio Balance Bracket -
Radio Stand -


- FPV Goggles-
- FPV Goggles Receiver -
- FPV Receiving antenna (omni) -
- FPV Receiving antenna (patch) -


- Filming Drone -
- ND Filters -
- Carrying case -


- Ultimate Vlog Camera Body -
- Ultimate Vlog Lense -
- B-roll Lens -
- On Camera Mic -
- Lav Mic -
- Cinematic/still Camera -


- Prop Ratcheting Wrench -
- Tool Kit -
- TS100 Soldering Iron -
- Charger-

ENDING MUSIC - Metal Gear Solid 4 menu screen.

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